Part 4: Working with local Datastores

By | May 24, 2018

In this section, we will talk about the local Datastores. Each ESXi host has its own Datastore and once you added the host under management of vCenter server, you will be able to manage the local Datastores of each ESXi host from vCenter console.

To manage the local Datastores:
1. Login to vCenter server via https://vcsa.sysnetadmin.local/vsphere-clientwith admin privilege
2. Navigate to Home icon and choose Storage

3. Select Datastores on menu bar and click the Datastores tab. You will see all available Datastores listed, in this case there are 2 available Datastores from the two ESXi hosted we added to vCenter in the part 3. I’ve already renamed both Datastores to be identical to each host in which they are belong to.

4. You can rename the Datastore by just selecting on the Datastore you want to rename, click on Action and then choose Rename

        5.  Name the Datastore as you wish and click OK

6. We can also browse to see inside the Datastore by simply right click on the Datastore’s name and choose Browse Files

7. Now that you’re inside the Datastore, you can create the folder by click on the Create a new folder icon.

8. In this example, I will create a new folder name ISO-Images to store the ISO images.

 9. Once the folder is created, make sure the new folder is selected and click on the Upload a file to the Datastore icon to upload an image file.

10. Browse to an image file you want to upload and click Open

 11. Wait for a while to finish uploading. You can also see the status of progression below.

We have basically work with local Datastores in this section, the next Part 5 – we are going to work on Deploying a VM in using vCenter

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