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Install PostgreSQL 13 on RHEL 8.x

Overview Implement PostgreSQL as single server or standalone Implement on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x Applying some standard configuration align with CIS Benchmark Applying PostgreSQL tuning base on server specs Server specs: Hostname: pgdb01 IP: OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.x Additional Disk: 20GB (nvme0n2) for PGDATA Purpose: Standalone PostgreSQL Database server Installed: postgresql13-server,… Read More »

Deploy Oracle Database container on Docker

Overview Follow the instruction to install Docker CE here if not yet. Use official image from Oracle Container Registry Run as Oracle Database Enterprise edition Run as a standalone server Prerequisites You need to have the login account to Oracle Container Registry After sign up and sign in, browse container to “Database” You must agree… Read More »

Deploy MSSQL Server container on Docker

Overview Use official images for Microsoft SQL Server on Linux for Docker Engine. Run as SQL Express edition. Run as standalone server. Create docker-compose file “.yml” or “.yaml” Create a directory to keep docker compose file Create docker compose file named “docker-compose.yaml” Startup MSSQL with docker-compose Due to MSSQL running as non-root user, we need… Read More »