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Part 5: Deploying a VM using vCenter

In this part 5, we are going to use vCenter web client to create the new VM. I am going to install new VM using Xubuntu OS and you can use your own wished OS. Enjoy!1. Navigate to Home button and then choose Hosts and Clusters in the drop-down menu 2. Click VMs tab =>… Read More »

Part 4: Working with local Datastores

In this section, we will talk about the local Datastores. Each ESXi host has its own Datastore and once you added the host under management of vCenter server, you will be able to manage the local Datastores of each ESXi host from vCenter console. To manage the local Datastores:1. Login to vCenter server via https://vcsa.sysnetadmin.local/vsphere-clientwith… Read More »