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Deploy Traefik as Load Balancer

Introduction Assume that you have already setup a Docker Swarm cluster, and now you can add a main Traefik (CE – Community Edition) as the Load Balancer/Proxy to:– Expose specific services or applications based on their domain or DNS name or sub-domain.– Automatic & Dynamic Routing (within container micro-services).– Auto Discovery container services based on… Read More »

Deploy HAProxy as Load Balancer for Docker Swarm Mode

Overview In lab, we have 3 nodes – 1 for manager and 2 for worker node(s). You can follow the Docker Swarm Mode setup from here if not yet. In case, we will deploy haproxy service on worker-01 and worker-02 node. Prerequisites 1. Rebuild HAProxy image HAProxy official image has no required directory “/var/lib/haproxy” so we cannot start HAProxy container yet. In case we do not have our own registry, so we need to rebuild haproxy image for each node(s) of Docker Swarm Cluster. Connect via SSH to each worker… Read More »

Setup Docker Swarm on RHEL 8.x

Why Docker Swarm? Docker Swarm is the great way to deploy your application stacks to production, in a distributed cluster – in short it is the container orchestrator or container clustering. With Docker Swarm mode you have:– Replicability, use the same files as when developing locally.– Simplicity and speed for development and deployment.– Robustness and… Read More »