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Deploy Zabbix Standalone

Features Zabbix Server with Alpine base image Zabbix Web Server with Nginx as frontend Using PostgreSQL (timescaledb) Grafana for Dashboard How to deploy Create a directory or folder and let named it “zabbix-standalone“ Download compose file settings from my gitlab project Spin up Zabbix Standalone by the following commands: Access to Zabbix Web UI Default… Read More »

Install Docker Engine (CE) On Ubuntu

Docker Engine is an open source containerization technology for building and containerizing your applications. Docker Engine acts as a client-server application with: A server with a long-running daemon process dockerd. APIs which specify interfaces that programs can use to talk to and instruct the Docker daemon. A command line interface (CLI) client docker. 1. Demonstration LAB info… Read More »

Deploy Oracle Database container on Docker

Overview Follow the instruction to install Docker CE here if not yet. Use official image from Oracle Container Registry Run as Oracle Database Enterprise edition Run as a standalone server Prerequisites You need to have the login account to Oracle Container Registry After sign up and sign in, browse container to “Database” You must agree… Read More »

Deploy MSSQL Server container on Docker

Overview Use official images for Microsoft SQL Server on Linux for Docker Engine. Run as SQL Express edition. Run as standalone server. Create docker-compose file “.yml” or “.yaml” Create a directory to keep docker compose file Create docker compose file named “docker-compose.yaml” Startup MSSQL with docker-compose Due to MSSQL running as non-root user, we need… Read More »