NTP Server and Client Configuration

By | August 28, 2020

NTP Server

The Network Time Protocol (NTP) is a networking protocol for clock synchronization between computer systems. You may want to have NTP server in your organization to have a standard timing synchronization across the system and network device.

Server Information

  • Server hostname: centos_srv01
  • Server IP Address:

1. CentOS can provide this NTP server service using Chrony. It is by default installed on my server and if you cannot find it installed on your system, install it using following command.

2. Edit Chrony configuration file vim /etc/chrony.conf

3. Configure the pool address and allowed client subnet like below.
    Asia NTP Pool: asia.pool.ntp.org
    Allow subnet:

4. Now let enable Chrony service

5. Allow NTP inbound traffic to the server and reload the firewall

6. Verify NTP

NTP Client

Client Node Information
  • Host Name: centos_node1
  • IP Address:
1. Installing NTP package if it is not installed yet.

2. Edit the NTP Configuration

3. Configure pool to point to our NTP server address.

4. Enable NTP service

5. Now verify that this node is syncing the timing from our NTP server

We have now successfully installed and configured NTP Server and NTP Client.
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